• Wishland Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Wishland Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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  • Wishland Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Wishland Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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  • Wishland Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Wishland Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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For the chemical industry in HangZhou  was founded in 2002, we rely on the strict quality control and human quality services in the dye business position. We introduce and set up advanced laboratory centers from abroad, only to serve the dyeing factory in the polyester fiber dyeing problems encountered, these issues include: dye environmental protection requirements, difficult spell color, dyeing factory site problems, our Efforts to be affirmed in the sales growth and customer globalization results, growth to give birth to a new dream

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Always customer-centric, has been tireless efforts to provide customers with quality products



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For the Silan with high corporate theory and dedication and professional attitude commitment to provide quality products, good sales and quality management team work together to achieve our great atte


Address: Shanyin District, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Plaza 66, Block B (Building 2) Room 701

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